About Us

R.J. Gordon Construction, Inc., a General Engineering Contractor since 1989; we take pride in providing quality and expertise in building.  We built our Company with the purpose of providing the best possible product and service without compromising quality.  

We continue to specialize in:

      High Density Polyethylene Pipe Construction (HDPE)

      HDPE Storm Drain Systems

      HDPE Double Contained Piping Systems
      Mechanical Piping Systems

      Methane Gas Recovery Systems

      Condensate Recovery Systems

      Leachate Handling Systems

      Ground Water Under*Drain Systems

      Horizontal & Vertical Gas Wells

      Flare and Blower Systems

      Flare Electrical and Controls Systems

      Pump Systems (Above & Below Ground)

Including all phases of:

      - Excavating   (Boring/Tunneling/Drilling/Shoring/Jacking)
      - Grading
      - Landfill Construction
      - Mechanical Systems
      - Pipeline Construction
      - Site Preparation
      - Slurry Wall Excavation/Foundation
      - Soil Stabilization
      - Trenching
      - Trenchless Excavation
      - Underground Construction
      - Waste Management Construction
      - Water/Sewer/Storm Systems/Treatment Plants

      R J Gordon Construction Inc., conducts business in association with:  

United Contractors (UCON)  www.unitedcontractors.org

The Solid Waste Association of North America  (SWANA) www.swana.org  

CALTRANS   www.dot.ca.gov
CALOSHA    www.dir.ca.gov/dosh
CSLB  www.cslb.ca.gov

CA License No. 616851-A     
A "SBE" Certified Contractor
An "Equal Opportunity Employer"




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