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In Mid 2010, California Water Service Company (CWSC) completed their second fusible PVC project. The project consisted of the rehabilitation of the existing 8" and 10" cast iron waterlines in Atherton, CA. The cast iron lines would be rehabilitated via pipe bursting and benefit by upsizing the new carrier pipe thereby increasing hydraulic capacity to the area. CWSC's first project using fusible PVC was a 5,260' 16" slipline project completed the previous year. During the design phase, CSWC's design team contacted other references who had installed fusible PVC via pipe bursting including EBMUD and South Tahoe PUD ad other users of fusible PVC pipe. Due to the shallow depths of the existing cast iron lines, concerns of street "heave" due to increased OD to accommodate other pipe options was evaluated (12" Certa-Lok, DR14 or 16" HDPE DR9 equal 12" ID at 200 psi). The joining couplers of restrained joint PVC and materially larger HDPE OD's (16") to provide the required ID for hydraulic capacity at design pressures significantly increased the potential for street heave and added construction costs versus the 13.2" fusible C-900 OD. Equally important to the district, was the ability of fusible C-900 to connect with standard mechanical joint (MJ) fittings with gripper style restraints, reducing capital installation costs as compared to HDPE. Randy Rowden design engineer with CWSC commented, "This was our second fusible PVC project of sizable length, and we had a very positive experience working with UGSI. They were very responsive to all of our questions and provided very good engineering support during design and construction. They behaved professionally during construction and worked with R.J. Gordon Construction to complete their portion of work in a timely manner and ensured the pipe and joints were of high quality. Our project was a success and we would recommend UGSI to others" Noah Johnson with R.J. Gordon Construction stated " This is the second pipe bursting project we have done with UGSI, The first with EBMUD and now this CWSC project - both have gone very well and the pipe is easy to work with. We have several projects currently bidding using the fusible PVC family of products"
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